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The caption reads: After repeatedly violating the Constitution and going against the will of American citizens, you have to create a new voting base.

There is a strong, slick push for a National Popular Vote.  The Electoral College stands in the way of an all powerful national (central) government.  Now that you have read “ARE YOU ILL-INFORMED ABOUT THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE?” and can now be considered informed, we are ready for this post.

This push continues the progressive effort started with the 17th amendment to tear down the sharing of power and limited government.  The National Popular Vote Compact guarantees the presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular, votes from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  They need not receive the majority of votes.  30% of votes can win.

This compact promotes an overwhelming lopsided vote from a few states.  It allows for a state to have a blind eye to voter fraud.  It actually expands a state’s electoral votes!  With the compact if a state can gin up a large enough popular vote to one candidate, then it can count on the electoral votes from other compact states.  As long as one state can move the needle on the popular vote, all the remaining electoral votes from other compact states flow to the popular vote winner, no matter how lopsided.

california illegal


The NPV is not a grass roots effort!


Yes, I am talking about California, but more on California later.

A key argument of the NPV people, published on their website is “Because of these state winner-take-all statutes, presidential candidates have no reason to pay attention to the issues of concern to voters in states where the statewide outcome is a foregone conclusion. As shown on the map, two-thirds of the 2012 general-election campaign events (176 of 253) were in just 4 states (Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and Iowa). Thirty-eight states were ignored.…”

Well, President Donald Trump blew this argument up in 2016 when he took the democrat firewall states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  His was not a four-state campaign.  In fact he blew up just about all their arguments on that web page.

How does it work:

A state signs the compact and agrees that all that state’s electoral votes go to the winner of the national popular vote, even if that state’s voters voted for the other person.  They have now amassed states totaling 165 electoral votes and need more states totaling 105.  California, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington (state) have all signed on and take note these are heavily progressive states.

The NPV Compact has passed at least one House of the legislature of Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Oregon.  Six of these states are progressive states.  Committees in Georgia and Missouri passed the resolution as well.

These passed because the paid NPV people have a slick presentation and key donors out of California sprinkle dollars to Republican campaigns in state races.  Conservative representatives not only voted for the Compact in the Arizona House, but a few other conservatives actually sponsored the legislation.  They fell for the slick presentation.

The NPV people are dangerously close to states signatories totaling 270, and then it is all over – progressives win and the all-powerful national government starts.  Individual states will no longer matter, retail politics will be gone, the races will be based on national ads.  Liberty derived from local state governments will be lost.  Tyranny of the majority will be the rule.

How will a national popular vote work when each state has different rules on early voting, registering to vote, qualifying for the ballot, felon voting, and the timing and triggers for recounts?  Keep in mind that some states have an overwhelming desire to let anyone with a pulse, or maybe no pulse, vote for president, while other states are more concerned about the quality of the voter.

illegals voting

Voter fraud does exist and can be amped up by a state or states to manipulate the popular vote count.  Example: More votes were cast in 2016 in Wayne County, MI, than registered voters.  Details of and examples of voter fraud will be presented in a future posting.

With the National Popular Vote, a minor regional candidate could get 30% of the vote and sneak in with the most votes, if there are more than two candidates.  Keep in mind that there is no official tracking of the popular vote, other than the reporting of electors to the National Archives by the governor on a Certificate of Ascertainment.  These certificates list the winning electors and may list the popular vote for each winning elector.  However, it is submitted as soon as possible when the state result has winners, but there may still be changes to the popular vote when the vote count is concluded.

Yes, now we can talk the big talk, California progressives.  The intended effect of California progressives on the electoral vote and votes of non-citizen residents and illegal residents in the population, culminating in a loss of the sovereign states and establishing an all powerful national government.

This will be in the next post.  It will be eye opening.

illegal bill


  1. I share the long term need to be aware and counter the efforts to collect state compacts for a national Popular Vote (NPV)! The NPV just may be the biggest most immediate threat to America remaining a Republic with Freedom Liberty and Justice for all the world to see.
    God gave us this country and our constitution. May GOD save this country.


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