Hello Congress! Repeal Obamacare and let the States do it, as they see fit!

Open letter to the Senate and the House; pass a repeal of all Obamacare Act law and regulations, effective September 30, 2018 with the following caveat?


All federal funds / subsidies expended on Obamacare on that day stop.  The States can tax and spend how they please on Obamacare, or the like, and Medicaid too.  Or they can just use the money for other matters.

All Obamacare taxes end on September 30, 2018 where they can be legislated by each state as needed, going forward, to support the state’s large or small Obamacare/Medicaid/Single Payer function.

Repeal all Obamacare regulations and executive branch regulation application empowerment effective September 30, 2018.

Enact health insurance purchased across state lines, via the commerce clause, effective January 1, 2018.

Federal, commerce clause driven medical tort reform is enacted effective January 1, 2018.

Essentially all Obamacare, medicaid, or single payer is transferred to the states to be established as the states see fit.  This enactment will allow the federal government to follow the Constitution’s enumerated powers, after September 30, 2018.

Congressional Republicans, you will have successfully moved the Obamacare challenge to the states where it belongs.  It will be off your plate.

The new budget of October 1, 2018 will be free of Obamacare.


term limits

Term limits alone are not the solution for Congress’ failure to represent the people.  Yes, you can apply term limits in a Convention for Proposing Amendments and seek ratification, but this will not squelch the hoard of money tossing lobbyists.  They contribute to House and Senate campaigns, hire Representatives and Senators relatives, and donate to political action committees supporting those in Congress.

Money is the big problem and lack of term limits just allows the intake of the free money to be a long-term largess.  Yes, term limites are needed, but there is more needed as well.

When the Constitution was ratified the intent was that the House of Representatives would be the people’s house filled with citizen legislators, serving one or two terms.  Now the House of Representatives has become a profession.  Graduates move on to the Senate or go to work, making big money, for the firms that hired the lobbyists.

The people, us, are no longer represented, unless a very tight election is on the horizon where our vote is desperately needed.  Mostly  the Voting Rights Act of 1965 took care of needing the people every two years.  This law actually created safe seats for Congressman so they could be reelected ad infinitum.

Are you familiar with the law providing a “Requirement that Minority Group Constitute More Than 50% of Voting Population in Single-Member District”?  Well check out the “Congressional Redistricting and the Voting Rights Act: A Legal Overview.

time served

Some of these folks have finally retired!

Now we are faced with Congressional Representatives representing Majority-Minority Districts and thus to make these districts we also create majority-majority districts.  This gives us safe majority districts, both redistricting methods allow Representatives to serve for twenty, thirty, and even forty years in Congress.  Former Michigan Congressman John Dingell served for over fifty years.  The average is nine to ten years.

At the ratification of the Constitution, Senators were appointed by their respective state legislatures, thus they were beholden to their legislature and not the people.  In 1913, the seventeenth amendment to the Constitution was ratified, now providing for direct election of the Senators by the people.  The start of money being thrown at Senators.

millionaires in Congress

The Senate has become a senior retirement club – a legislative senior activity center, if you will.  Serving twenty, thirty, forty, or mores years is commonplace.  The lifelong vocation of Senator began.  With a six year term, there is little attention paid to desires of the voter, but a whole lot of attention paid to the lobbyists and their money.  The average Senator not only has a war chest for reelection, but also has reached the millionaire club on a government salary – hum!

A byproduct of the extended service in Congress is that Congressman and Senators not only retire as millionaires, but their relatives do as well.  Was this the intent of the founders?

We can solve this abuse of the intent of the founding fathers with a constitutional amendment, assuming we can get the states together to conduct a convention for proposing amendments, under Article V – see Convention of States.

The proposed amendment:

No person shall be elected to House of Representatives more than three times; no person shall be elected to the Senate more than twice.  No person having been appointed to the Senate to fill a vacant seat, shall be elected to the Senate more than once.

The source of all a candidate’s campaign committee contributions, financial or services of value, to a House of Representatives candidate shall not be from any source other than a citizen resident of the congressional candidate’s district.

The source of all a candidate’s campaign committee contributions, financial or services of value, to a Senate candidate shall not be from any source other than a citizen resident of the senate candidate’s state.

No independent entity organized to support a candidate or a political cause may advertise on behalf of or publicly support the candidate or cause within sixty days of the beginning of the general election voting process – starting when the first ballot is cast.

For both Senate and House of Hepresentatives races, campaign volunteers, receiving no compensation from any political campaign committee , of any jurisdiction or state, may contribute volunteer time.

Currently serving Representatives and Senators at the time of ratification of this amendment are exempt from this amendment, for one even numbered year Congressional election after ratification.

In addition to this proposed constitutional amendment, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 must be revised to accommodate a more open and balanced redistricting process.

Surprise! It’s not politics, it’s baseball.

Hope you don’t mind this one time change of pace.


I pity the youth who watch ML Baseball today.  They are seeing a one-dimensional game; no wonder the Home Run Derby at the Allstar game is getting so much press.  It seems we have lost the hit and run, the steal, a well-pitched complete game, the suicide squeeze, the safety squeeze, and the line drive base hit.

We are watching players who cannot slide, sacrifice bunt, run the bases smartly, and most importantly field their position.  Infielders deliver terrible defense.  Hitters are all upper cut swings from their heels for home runs and strike outs are okay.  Especially striking out “looking” with players in scoring position and two outs is just fine. Sharp pitchers are taken out for pitch count with pitching changes based on a formula of whose inning is it.

The brush back pitch is a lost art, so hitters dig in and take mighty cuts.

Infielders simply do not know how to tag out runners anymore.  Slap the glove down right in front of the base and let the runner slide into the glove, but no; today is looks more like pin the tail on the donkey with the fielder trying to stab a tag on a runner who has no idea how to slide.  Infielders no longer try to get in front of the ball, but rather try to backhand everything and all too often do not succeed.

Let’s not forget that the catcher can no longer block the plate so the runner taps him on the shoulder and says “may I”.  Plays as second are so gentle now with the runner basically asking for permission to enter upon second base.

I have watched about 100 games a year since the early sixties and I am getting less and less enjoyment when watching a game.  Yet the players are making millions for delivering a one-dimensional game.  Now it looks as if the owners have juiced of the baseball where it leaves the bat like a golf ball off a two iron.

Is this the kind of game the fans want or do they not know any better?

FBI, DNC, Russians, Trump – Connect the dots game.

Rumors abound that former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was communicating with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch about the Hillary Clinton email investigation “matter” to block the investigation.

Maybe it is more than rumors.  Here is what we know – you be the judge:

The Clinton campaign regularly referred to the FBI looking into former Secretary of State Clinton’s exposed mishandling of secret and top-secret emails as a “matter”.

Loretta Lynch told former FBI Director Comey not to refer to the FBI investigation as an investigation, but to call it a “matter”.

The FBI investigation of the Russia collusion started with the supposed hack into the DNC email system.

Per Comey, the FBI did not physically examine the DNC server to look for evidence of Russia.  The DNC server was not made available to the FBI.

The FBI then relied on the examination of the server by a private security company called FusionGPS as the source of validation of the Russia hack, per Comey.

Jeh Johnson, former Secretary of Homeland Security stated under oath that DHS offered to examine the emails and server of the DNC, but was denied access.

Wasserman Schultz refutes this statement by Johnson.

We know that the bulk of the Wikileaks hacked DNC emails were about the DNC collusion to block Bernie Sanders for the nomination.

We know that Seth Rich was said to be the one who exposed the DNC emails, by Wikileaks; however, we cannot ask him because he was found mysteriously dead on a Washington, D.C. Street from a robbery, but nothing was stolen from him.  There are many clouds

We know that Fusion GPS was the source of the Russian dossier on Donald Trump from “The Weekly Standard“.

Per the Weekly Standard:

The story began in September 2015, when a wealthy Republican donor who strongly opposed Mr. Trump put up the money to hire a Washington research firm run by former journalists, Fusion GPS, to compile a dossier about the real estate magnate’s past scandals and weaknesses, according to a person familiar with the effort. The person described the opposition research work on condition of anonymity, citing the volatile nature of the story and the likelihood of future legal disputes. The identity of the donor is unclear.”

This article further states that Fusion GPS has a history of dirty underhanded work for democrats going back to the Romney run for President.  It is an eye-opening read.

Taken from the FusionGPS website

Fusion GPS

is based in Washington, DC and provides premium research, strategic intelligence, and due diligence services to corporations, law firms, and investors worldwide.

We offer a cross-disciplinary approach with expertise in media, politics, regulation, national security, and global markets.

Email: info@fusiongps.com


This was the start of all the phony Russia Trump nonsense that the left-wing media fell in love with.  Why not, it brought ratings and no longer has to be true.

We know that Fusion GPS hired the former British Agent who produced the now totally debunked report on supposedly Donald Trump’s Russia connections.

We highly suspect that the FBI, under Comey, offered this fellow $50,000 to dig up more dirt on Trump.

The Senate Judiciary Committee wants to talk with Fusion GPS, but that Fusion GPS is not cooperating – wonder why?

Back to the DNC server and the accepted certification that the Russians hacked the DNC server by Fusion GPS accepted as fact by the FBI.

Since the DNC has successfully kept prying eyes away from the server emails of Wasserman Schultz that were not leaked, we go back to the emails and Loretta Lynch.

ABC has reported that a bipartisan group of members of the Senate Judiciary Committee is examining alleged Lynch interference into the FBI’s investigation into Secretary of State Clinton’s careless and dangerous handing of her secret and top-secret emails – excuse me “matter”.

We know that our intelligence agencies determined months before the election that Russia was attempting to hack our election systems.

We know that these intelligence services notified President Obama, who did nothing.

We know from the “Washington Post” that the Russians successfully hacked the DNC among other political websites and have all emails and opposition research on Donald Trump.

This means they must have any email chains that may exist between Schultz and Lynch.

These are the dots to be connected:

Fusion GPS that does nefarious opposition research for the Democrats is the sole public source of Russia hacking into the DNC email server.

The DNC is stonewalling the FBI/DHS review of the DNC email server.

Do emails exist between Lynch and Schultz wherein protection, obstruction of justice, was offered to protect Clinton in the FBI “matter”?

Lynch met Bill Clinton on the Tarmac in Phoenix to ostensibly discuss family matters, yet the NSA transcript is classified secret.  Her government plane was set up to record the event.

The smoke is getting pretty think – is there a fire maybe?


My daughter was terminated by the FBI because they claimed, after 2 offers of employment, flying her to the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA, and onboarding her as a new employee, that it was all a mistake. This is the story of my daughter’s unbelievable and heartbreaking FBI journey, filled with disappointment and emotional pain. This is actually the story of a career derailed by the Federal Bureau of Incompetence.  Why am I telling this tale, rather than my daughter? She cannot tell her own story because documents she signed at the Academy prevent her from telling it. However, I lived it right alongside her and I have signed nothing.


The latest in the Bureau’s series of incompetence

On March 2, 2017, my daughter received an email from the FBI stating, “You have passed Phase III of the Intelligence Analyst Selection Process as well as the background process.” That email was followed by a formal offer letter on March 8, 2017, which stated, “You have passed the IASP, Phase III! You have been selected to fill the position of Intelligence Analyst (IA) with the United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation…”. Phase III, by the way, is the final phase of the application process. It includes a review of all qualification standards and suitability, extensive interviews with friends, family and colleagues – both past and present , and basic background and criminal checks.

The final offer letter, issued April 14, 2017 – 37 days later, provided instruction to report to the FBI Academy for training on May 14, 2017. The letter also provided a list of things she needed to bring and some required her to make purchases, which she did. The FBI arranged her air travel.

On Monday, May 15, 2017, her latest FBI-induced nightmare began. A letter, sent first class mail, was received at my home in Arizona from the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Since she was at the Academy in Virginia, I was collecting her mail and I opened the letter. It unbelievably stated:

“…A review and evaluation of your preliminary processing information and/or results of your background investigation, revealed the following suitability concern: Personal Conduct and Miscellaneous Issues. Therefore, a determination was made that you do not meet the suitability standards for FBI employment…”

Preliminary Processing? Did they mean the same processing that she was told she passed on March 2nd?  She was now an employee! Not only did she not get this letter when it was issued on May 1st, the FBI apparently sat on it, and subsequently mailed it snail mail on May 10th, where it arrived at my home on May 15th after she was already onboarded and had begun training at the Academy.

Does this seem like an agency that has its act together? What adds to this incompetency is that the Security and Suitability Adjudication Unit Chief, Heather N. Armstrong issued this letter and apparently failed to notify the Training Division at the Academy. Huh? Remember no offer is to be made until this unit signs off on the candidate. So how was the offer made? What changed from March 2nd through May 1st?  Most importantly, why was the Training Division not notified on May1st, so they could have stopped her travel to the Academy? What would have happened if she had not shown the class counselor her copy of the letter? Graduate, become an Intelligent Analyst, and after six months be told it was it a mistake?

comey incompetence

All this happened while Comey was the Director!

Believe it or not this story is not unique. The FBI has a history of poor treatment when it comes to employment candidates. We know of another Special Agent trainee that suffered from the FBI’s incompetence. This candidate was hurt during training, then sent home to work in a local field office until she was well enough to resume training, except she had to start Academy training from the beginning. Not wanting to complete the 20 weeks of training a 2nd time and unhappy with the atmosphere at the Bureau, she resigned. The Special Agent in Charge at her field office convinced her to stay, and that she had a future with the FBI. Subsequently, she was summoned to a review board in Washington where they cited some minor conduct issues and then terminated her for cause – a big negative for a job seeker.

How it all began

Let’s go back to the beginning so you can see the breadth of the Bureau’s incompetence. My daughter was not a suitability concern when she was first employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in June of 2015. Since then it has been a long, seemingly never-ending series of incompetent screw-ups by the FBI. Perhaps you’ll just dismiss what I say as the angry rantings of a protective father. But perhaps you will read this story to the end and realize that it represents something far greater than one ex-employee’s trip through the gauntlet of the FBI’s administrative arm during the Comey regime.

Round one with the FBI started in June 2015. Having applied for the position of Special Agent and passing three phases of employment processing including an extensive background and suitability check, she entered the FBI Academy as a New Agent trainee. In August 2015, after a few months of training and while in good standing, she realized that she was more the Intelligence Analyst type than the Special Agent type. She decided to resign from the Special Agent program and tried to get transferred into the Intelligence Analyst program. She was led to believe that this shift would not be hard. The personnel at the Academy sent her file to FBI Headquarters, including her supervisor’s recommendation for continued employment with the Bureau, and seemed to think my daughter might be back at the Academy for the September intelligence analyst class. After all, she was hired as a Special Agent, had passed all the Bureau’s testing, and already held the requisite high-level security clearance.

What seemed like an easy switch became a morass of administrative bungling. The FBI treated a simple resignation, accompanied by a supervisor’s recommendation for continued employment, as if it was a dismissal for cause. One of the many insipid comments made to my daughter by FBI personnel, as she continually stressed that she resigned and was not dismissed, was: “Well you dismissed yourself.” They failed to provide her with an SF-50, Notice of Personnel Action, despite repeated requests. She was told over and over that she didn’t have one.  An SF-50 is required for every change in personnel status, including initial hire. The SF-50 is the key document needed to apply for all federal jobs. After being told that she could not transfer into the Intelligence Analyst program and that she had to apply as if she were a new applicant to the FBI, she decided to look for employment outside the FBI. During this period between August and November, she communicated with a host of FBI Human Resource types who seemed to all have the common trait of not returning phone calls or emails. This would never fly in the private sector. I guess in government they have no performance reviews to pass in order to keep their jobs. In desperation, she filed a formal complaint to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to get a simple document that should have been quickly forthcoming.

Finally, in November 2015, after months of being in limbo, without an SF-50, a job, or any source of income, the Bureau offered her a job in a field office about 2 hours away from our home.  The offer was well beneath her level in experience and skill set. She has an MBA and over 15 years’ experience as a manager.  In addition, the salary precluded her from moving and being able to live reasonably once relocated. She declined the position and the Bureau put through her resignation.

She filed for unemployment and was accused by the FBI of not being truthful in her unemployment application. They hired her as a Special Agent and she was given high-level clearance. I’m pretty sure this would not have happened if she had a history of being untruthful. Due to her perseverance and detailed documentation of her communications with the FBI, she was able to beat the FBI’s appeal and receive unemployment benefits.

Here we go again, or round two with the FBI

This entire Intelligence Analyst application process is made up of three phases, with the last phase being a background and suitability check. Having applied for the position in October of 2016, tested in March of 2016, and interviewed in May of 2016, she had completed Phases I and II and part of III. In June 2016, she received a conditional job offer from the FBI for the position of Intelligence Analyst. She passed a drug test, another polygraph exam, and gave her fingerprints – a second time! Then her background investigation began. While working on her background investigation, a former Special Agent doing the east coast part of her background check asked her if she had the contact information  of the Supervisory Special Agent who had been her supervisor while at the Academy.  It seems that the agent had retired and they couldn’t reach her. Think about this: The FBI could not find a former Special Agent who retired and receives an FBI pension.

Back to the present

On Saturday, May 13, 2017, my daughter flew from our home in Arizona to Washington Reagan National Airport on a ticket booked and paid for by the FBI.  The next day, May 14, 2017, she was transported by an FBI arranged shuttle to the FBI Academy located on the Quantico Marine Base. She checked in with a member of the On-boarding New Employees Unit (ONEU), turned in her payroll and other required forms, attended a brief orientation, and picked up the uniforms she would be wearing during her time at the Academy.

  • May 15, 2017 – While attending the first day of the Onboarding New Employees (ONE) seminar, that infamous letter dated May 1st, postmarked May 10th, arrived in the mail at my home in Arizona. At about 6:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, I forwarded a scanned copy of the letter and the envelope it came in to my daughter, via email. She immediately contacted her supervisor and informed him of the letter, then forwarded a copy of the letter and envelope to him via email. He told her to continue with the ONE seminar, like normal, and that he would investigate the matter in the morning and get back in touch with her.

  • May 16, 2017 – She attended Day 2 of the ONE Seminar. She did not hear anything until approximately 3:30 p.m., at which point she was pulled aside by her supervisor and an FBI security officer. They told her that the letter was correct and that it “was a mistake that she was at the Academy.” In shock, she inquired about the email which informed her she had passed the background phase and the job offer letters (March 8 and April 14) she had received. She was told that all of that “was a mistake.”

She was then brought to the Academy’s administrative building where she was detained for about two hours, which were probably the longest two hours of her life. Again and again she was told by the security officer detaining her that she was hired by mistake. That the FBI never intended to hire her and that she was going to be terminated.

Do they not have a system in place wherein new applicants are accepted and notified properly? When she asked what the reason for her termination was, she was told that it was because she should not have been hired in the first place. She was to receive an SF-50 showing a termination for cause. They apparently have no “OOPS!” termination code. Maybe they should make an oops code since the Bureau make so many mistakes and this has likely happened to others. Administrative incompetence at the Federal Bureau of Incompetence helmed by James “I do as I please” Comey.

 fbi excuses

Or no answers whatsoever!

The blowback

A termination for cause diminishes my daughter’s future job seeking opportunities and income possibilities. To make matters worse, in order to find out what was the nature of the Personal Conduct and Miscellaneous Issues – which were the reason behind a last minute, out of nowhere determination of unsuitability, she needed to make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. With current FBI backlogs, per the FBI, it could take up to two years for the FBI to comply with the FOIA and provide the information requested, for compliance. Two years to pull a personnel file. And again, FBI incompetence at its finest.

My daughter told me that the security officer was a real gem throughout (I hope you can hear the dripping sarcasm in that sentence). She told me that he actually chastised her for being disrespectful from the time she had been compulsorily detained in the administrative building. He implied that she should be grateful because he waited until a scheduled 15-minute break in the seminar to pull her out rather than pulling her out of the seminar in the middle of a lecture. She says she was stupefied, and told me she thought to herself, “Was this guy kidding?” She said she had nothing but the opposite of gratitude for that uncaring “character” (I am avoiding using other descriptions, that might come to mind). Did he think that he was just going to tell her that she was there by mistake, fire her, throw her out of the Academy, send her home, and that she would just be totally calm and say, “Okay, thank you”? I didn’t know that, in addition to being incompetent, the people at the Bureau were delusional.

She wasn’t allowed to return to her room to pack up her belongings. The Intelligence Analyst training program lasts for 3 months, thus she had quite a few belongings. FBI personnel packed her things for her. When she departed the administration building around 5:30 p.m., she was escorted by three FBI Police Officers, yes three. Was she a criminal? My daughter is 5’4” and less than 150 lbs. One person could not handle her escort? Her belongings and she were dropped off at the West Gate of the Academy. She was given only a few minutes to sort through her things, three months’ worth of baggage, to make sure everything was there before she was further transported off the Quantico Marine Base.

Since there were no flights out of DC back to Arizona that evening, the FBI booked her on a flight leaving from Washington Reagan National Airport the next day, at 5:30 a.m. She was given her flight itinerary and then was literally dumped at the curb in front of a hotel just outside the Marine Base, along with all her luggage. She was told she needed to pay for her own hotel, and when she inquired as to how she would get to the airport – located fifty miles away! – the next day for her flight, she was flippantly told that it was up to her and that she should take a taxi.  Here is a good question about the dump off at the curb by the FBI.  Did they even know if the hotel had a vacancy?

She should take a taxi to the airport…over an hour and a half away…the next morning…for her 5:30 a.m. flight? What cabs are running at 3:00 a.m. to travel fifty miles in order to get her to the airport an hour before a 5:30 a.m. departure? She was also told that someone from FBI Headquarters would follow-up with her. She was standing in front of a Comfort Inn, feeling absolutely no comfort at all.

Upon learning that my daughter was dumped on the curb with three months of luggage in the early evening, I got moving and scrambled to get her to the airport and to find her lodging. I used Expedia and booked her a hotel room near Reagan National airport. I also arranged for a taxi to come pick her up and drive her to the Embassy Suites Reagan National airport hotel. By this point, I could tell that she was absolutely exhausted. She hadn’t eaten since 11:00 a.m. By the time she got to the hotel around 8:00 p.m., she had been angry, distraught, and in tears for hours. According to her, she was physically, mentally, and emotionally spent.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at the butt crack of dawn, she took a short taxi ride from the hotel – it was too early for the hotel airport shuttle – and checked-in for her flight. She told me that she was still so visibly distraught, she got a hug from a female TSA officer. How upset do you have to seem in order to rate a TSA hug?!

Where does that leave her?

On May 25, 2017, she received an email with a letter attached. The letter was dated May 22, 2017. Apparently, the FBI can’t even get an electronic letter sent without delay. The letter informed her that her “employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigation is terminated for failure to meet the suitability standards.”

She immediately responded to this email that, in no uncertain terms, a termination for cause was unacceptable and unwarranted. She has since communicated with one of the few seemingly competent employees at the Bureau, who changed her SF-50 to indicate a voluntary resignation rather than a termination for cause.  However, because she “resigned” she is unable to recoup travel expenditures – approximately $1,500 – for her travel and related expenses to and from the Academy. Unfortunately, the separation code options are limited. It seems they have no separation code for an oops! There is no code for “We made a terrible, incompetent mistake and treated the individual like a sub-human species” separation.

This is essentially a coerced resignation, based upon the alternative. Accept termination for cause and maybe collect money due or resign and forfeit all money due. She has chosen a resignation path because of the importance of having an unimpeded job search, but has not given up on recouping the money denied her due to this coerced resignation.

She filed another complaint to the Office of the Inspector General. This time the complaint claims that the FBI is guilty of misconduct and whistleblower retaliation, since all signs point to this being retaliation for the complaint she filed in December 2015. As incompetent as the Bureau is, it is highly unlikely that it actually made that many mistakes when it came to my daughter. No, someone finally connected with her name and decided that she needed to go.

She submitted a complaint to the FBI’s Ombudsman asking for reimbursement of her expenses.  Unsurprisingly, she has had no response.

She has filed her Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, and has studied up on the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) where, if negligence is involved, she can seek compensatory damages. Needless to say, I’ve put my research skills to good use in order to assist her. She has contacted several attorneys with experience in federal tort cases and claims. One attorney told her, in no uncertain terms, that expecting any help from the Ombudsman is futile. He is still laughing…glad she made his day. He thinks the Federal Tort Claims Act is worthless as well. Instead, he is certain that the best course of action is to file a complaint with the United States Merit Systems Protection Board.

At this writing, the complaint has successfully been submitted. The initial consultation fee and retainer for this attorney are $400 and $5,000, respectively, funded by me. But this is no longer about money, this is about what is right and just. Someone needs to acknowledge just how administratively incompetent the FBI has become under the former leadership of James Comey and Loretta Lynch.

I sincerely hope that her complaint to the Merit Systems Protection Board bears fruit because right now it seems that the FBI has successfully performed a crude sexual act on my daughter, which no one – least of all her – deserves. Does anyone have a need for an unemployed MBA who was formerly the Director of Finance and Administration at a major university’s school of law, before she tried to enter public service?

June 21, 2017 update

My daughter’s attorney has advised that apparently the FBI is insulated by law in this matter.  Yes, they can basically do what they wish as it pertains to probationary employees and to applicants, with no legal repercussion.  Why would the Congress carve the FBI out of any remedy needed by a wronged citizen?

SETH RICH DEATH: Stunning Report From “One America News”. DNC involved?

Seth Rich, apparently a “Bernie”: supporter and an employee of the DNC, is reported to have been the DNC hacker, not Russia, who delivered the damaging emails to Wikileaks.  He apparently died, was murdered, for his effort.  The incredible smoke is leading to the fire!

Remember, the DNC never allowed the FBI to examine its server.  Instead they parlayed a private for hire firm to denounce the Russians as the hacker, despite Wikileaks stating it was not the Russians.   Let’s not forget that the media ran with the Russians story despite the contrary report of the holder of these hacked emails, Wikileaks.

Let’s understand that there are a number of mysterious murders/deaths seemingly attached to the DNC and this email hack scandal.  The hack made undisputed emails, detrimental to the DNC and Hillary Clinton, available to the public.

4 DNC murders

This report focuses only on Seth Rich!

The media is so intent on connecting the Russians to President Trump, that it glosses over the “not denied” incredibly damaging corruption content of the hacked emails.   Back to Seth Rich and his murder.  Rather than me providing a report, I bring you the “One America News” latest report.

If you are an open-minded  thinking person, this report will stun.  It provides such a mass of circumstantial evidence that warrants heavy scrutiny of the D.C. Police, the Emergency Room, and the DNC.  It enlightens to the extent the DNC did and will go to take and hold power, and control our federal government.

One America News is a fast rising, very credible news source, concentrating on delivering real news and facts.  As Fox news moves more and more to the left and the fringe of “Fake News” world.  OAN, “One America News”, is filling the void.

Now the stunning very credible report called “The Mysterious Death Of Seth Rich”.


The Great Education Heist! Academia Is Killing Us!

The institutions of higher learning, yes the major universities providing ethereal education to nurture the brain, but in too many cases, not the future wallet, are stealing from our young.

Unless you get a very advanced degree in education areas other than STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), the preparation for future earnings is sub-par, maybe non-existent.  Student loans received to cover the enormous cost of these ethereal course credits, cannot be paid back – future income is insufficient to both live and pay the student loan.

salary hotspots

STEM careers provide a lucrative starting salary and real earnings advancement.  No minimum wage marches/demonstrations for these folks.  Let’s add one more item to the STEM list – Trades.  Plumbing, electrical, welding and others allow for incomes to grow and provide good livings and futures for the holders of these skills.  So, now we have STEMT (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Trades).

degree with highest rate of unemployment

Let’s face it, college learning in a non-STEMT curriculum simply does not prepare the student to pay back the heavy burden of student loans accumulated to achieve the non-STEMT degree, let’s call them, the soft majors – some are way softer than others.

Community colleges all too often think they are preparing students for a four-year college degree, when they are actually preparing students for future poor paying jobs.  We need strong vital courses in the two “T”‘s of of STEMT – technology and trades at the community college level with certifications of learning.  Does a computer programmer really need to be exposed to french literature or even a bachelor’s degree?

Today’s student loan system is likely the primary cause of the unrealistic rise in college costs – Forbes magazine and many other publications have written about the inordinate rise of the price of course credits.

surging college costs

These institutions of higher learning, state or private, currently do not need to control internal costs because with the prevalent nature of easy student loans, when tuition (prices) go up, demand remains inelastic – stays strong thanks to the ever-expanding loan amounts.  The institution of higher learning has an unrealistic pipeline for earnings, because the money is freely available and payback is not the institution’s problem.  A student dropping out still owes the debt, but the institution finds a new sucker to pay the unrealistic tuition.

What if student loan availability and dollar lending were predicated on the future skills being obtained.

Will the french literature expert with a masters earn as much as a skilled welder or cyber coder?  Probably not!  What if the dollars available under the student loan were tied to the future earnings of the student; and the institution had some skin in the game for payback?  Would the institutions feel that the gravy train of bankrupting students to enrich their coffers has come to an end?

We have allowed liberal academia to NOT prepare students for the world and thus create a workforce that is not suited to the nature of today’s jobs.  If we don’t start to educate our student raw material with the skills to compete, and build a strong economy along the way, we will continue both a stagnant economic growth and standard of living.

Our graduates today don’t know their history and civics, making them ill prepared to be in charge of this country in the future.  Further they need to be educated to perform at a high level in the STEMT workplace – that is where the money and the nation’s future is.

Either we fix this now via state legislation and move student loans back to the banks and the states, away from the federal government, or we continue down this path to a dark future for our nation and our young population.  In addition, we need to hold these institutions of higher learning accountable for unpaid student loans, perhaps they should be required to underwrite a portion of the student loan, say 25%, when the loan is granted – a limited co-signer status.  This may make the institutions more responsible for the useful education outcome of the student.