The Real Deal Behind a National Popular Vote (NPV Compact)? Beware!



NOT the standard around the world!


The current signatories to the NPV Compact have two things in common – progressive states and a heavy non-citizen voting population.  If you have not already read:

  1. Are you ill-informed about the electoral college?  Learn why it is important to your freedom!


  1. National Popular Vote: Master plan to eliminate states’ rights?

I encourage you to read these first to get the necessary background to a fuller understanding of the subtle and insidious march to a strong centralized national progressive government of the few, by the few, and for the few; and not of the people, by the people, and for the people.

During a decennial census the goal is to count anyone with a pulse, in fact, as many with a pulse as possible.  The plan for the progressive states: grow the population and create voters and electoral votes.

Residence or citizen status is not considered or asked by the census enumerator.  I was the manager for administration at the Marana, AZ census office during the last census and know first hand the overwhelming command from the U.S. Commerce Department to count any and all breathing persons.  Citizen, resident alien, illegal alien – it made no difference.  If they could get a way with it they would count tombstomes of dead people.

california illegal

california illegal drivers

California is making every effort o give non-citizens the ability to vote.

Look to the prime driver of the National Popular Vote Compact effort, California.

Los Angeles County’s massive population drove the 2016 presidential election popular vote.  Los Angeles County combined with five other coastal California counties voted over 70% for Hillary Clinton.  One additional county voted over 80% for Clinton and an additional eight were over 60%.

Los Angeles County has a population of over 10,000,000 with, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), one million illegal immigrants – 10%, yes ten percent.  Keep in mind that very lax California voter registration rules are a mindset in California voting and not a mistake.

California is not alone, as Chicago, Houston, and New York City all have massive populations of illegal immigrants.  DHS estimates that California alone has 2.7 million illegals or 6% of the population.  Illegals bloat the census and thus the electoral vote for that state.  This data is four or five years old.  Where do think we stand now?

Yes, citizens, legal non-citizen residents, and illegal residents are counted in the census to determine Congressional representation and the number of electoral votes for each state.  Do these folks vote?  You tell me.  It is pretty easy to vote in a federal election.

There is a distinct benefit to the progressive NPV Compact states , in fact all states under the NPV, to bloat the population as well as the vote, with non-citizens.

Is proof of citizenship required to register to vote in a Federal election?  NO!  These are the instructions found on the federal registration form, and with only a utility bill you can register and vote for the President of the United States – these NPV states, especially California know this well.


Federal Ballot Registration Instructions

Federal Ballot Regfistration Instructions Box 6

 As you can see, the federal registration form even has accommodation for those who cannot provide a social security number or driver’s license number.  I have underlined that section above in the federal voter registration form instructions – take note.


2016 pres election outcome by county
2016 Presidential Election results by county
Blue Hillary Clinton – Red Donald Trump

This map reflects the counties won by both Clinton and Trump – red is Trump and blue is Clinton.  The blue counties tend to have a high illegal and progressive population.  Trump wins the counties by 2,626 to 487, and even the media cannot agree on this, as the popular votes numbers are not officially tracked and reported by the federal government.  Only Certificates of Attainment as mentioned in a prior post track any semblance of the popular vote.


California 2016 lopsided vote by county

Note the similarity of California’s illegal population (blue) depicted in this chart to the previous counties map.


Tyranny of the Majority is the goal of the NPV Compact effort.  Clinton wins the national popular vote by 2.9 million, but without Los Angeles County and New York City providing a popular vote bump to Clinton of 3.2 million, Trump wins the popular vote.  Do we want the tyranny of NYC and LA to drive this nation forward?

This NPV effort is an effort by Californians to use the power of California to literally install their progressive choice as president.  It is as simple as that.

The NPV folks have a slick presentation, but it is not completely accurate.  However, it moves the unaware state legislator to support and even sponsor the NPV Compact Resolution in their state – your state?  Remember these folks need only 105 more electoral votes to take over this nation and make it a progressively run country, by concentrating all power in a central national government – states’ rights be damned.  Remember the states have already lost the Senate thanks to the progressive’s 17 amendment.

The California effort is led by a John Koza, PhD.  He is a heavy contributor to:

  • Federal Democrat candidates
  • State Republican legislative candidates in possible NPV states
  • California progressives driving this effort – why?
  • He funds a paid team of supporters presenting to legislators
  • He offers a very convincing presentation – I attended one

 This is clearly a progressive effort to be stopped!

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