Don’t be distracted by Hillary Clinton’s attempt to steer you away from the real issue.

This was the refrain of the Clinton/ Gore campaign.  The intent was to divert all from the rape and female abuse by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  He attacked women and she threatened them to go away quietly, to the point that these women feared for their lives.  The media, to support Hillary Clinton, called Bill’s abuse infidelity wherein Hillary stood by her man.

No, she enabled him to be a serial abuser of women.  Hillary Clinton is not a friend of fellow women, from her enabling Bill to her taking wads of cash from nations that treat their women as less than human.  As Secretary of State, she did nothing to address these abuses, except take their money.

It’s the economy stupid still applies, but for different reasons.  We don’t elect altar boys to the White House.  We are supposed to elect capable people who will steer the economy, and be an effective commander-in-chief.  Presidents Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Clinton, and untold others used the secret Service as their very own pimp service.  Power intimidation of women for sex has been rampant throughout our executive branch and the halls of Congress for years.  Again, altar boys they are not.  It is apalling but true, but now we are in need of a change agent fixer – well he is not an altar boy.  But we have no altar boys/girls who can fix our problems.

Again, “its the economy, stupid!” still applies but for different reasons.  It really is the economy that is the issue.  If you are still indignant, then look at what is at stake:

  • world disorder

  • abysmal gross domestic product

  • military in serious decline

  • low paying jobs abound with a lack of good paying jobs

  • a shrinking middle class

  • young up to their eye balls with student loan debt

  • no way to earn a reasonable return on savings

  • small business dying

  • our Justice Department no longer represents the rule of law

  • the Affordable Care Act collapsing – as was the plan to move us toward socialist single payer insurance

  • Hillary Clinton’s created middle east terrorists mess



This is the real reason we need Trump – altar boys need not apply.  Hillary Clinton need not apply.


If you are looking for a head school master or a troop leader, then you are looking at the wrong race.  We elect people who can make change and fix our many egregious problems.  Donald Trump’s background is such a person. He is perfect for our problems, but as headmaster he need not apply.   Hillary Clinton is clearly more of the same, but only to push us deeper and deeper into despair.  She is still blaming this economy on the debunked global warming.



Still not convinced?  Look at the latest email leaks – they tell a whale of a horror story about Hillary Clinton’s motivation and capability.


6 thoughts on “IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!!!

  1. “Discredited glpbal warming”? What planet do you come from? The one where people don’t believe 98% of scientists or thousands of videos of melting ice & fracked deadzones & oilspills & megastorms & mass deaths of animals & human people? The planet they don’t believe they can kill?


  2. Mr. Laslo, your coment alone tells the world how balanced you are on these issues. I need say no more. Sorry for the delay in posting your “well thought” out comments, but I have a life and approve for posting when I get a chance.


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