Clinton is the Better Candidate?

The over the top reaction by certain Republican players to ten plus year old comments by Donald Trump reeks of a profound realization and fear that Donald Trump will win.  These type comments have been heard before in locker rooms, military mess halls, union halls and topless bars all around this nation.

So what he said in braggadocio more than ten years ago, not done just said, is worse than even the latest leaks about Hillary Clinton’s emails?  It is now public, she has two positions, a public and a private position on issues!  Say what?  This means that we cannot trust ANYTHING she has said or will say about any issue.

Think about this for a moment and consider the highly coordinated assault by the democratic supporting PAC’s, the “Republicans”, the print and broadcast media on Donald J. Trump.  Tell me how is it that articles on the same topic, using similar words all appear at the same time attacking Trump?  If you have not thought about this, then you have been in a coma.

Hillary Clinton is revealed to have flagrantly violated laws about national secrets, intentionally tried to hide her emails from FOIA requests with her own server, she has used the State Department of the United States as her own personal cash machine, and she has openly (in her now exposed private speeches to bankers) opined for open borders and wide open hemispherical trade, and much, much more.  This is TPP and NAFTA on steroids, yet not a peep in the media or by those “Republicans”.





Take a step back and look at this presidential race from the 30,000 foot level.  You will see a massive orchestrated movement covering our media, our government agencies, our moneyed elite, and the world’s moneyed elite all targeted to install Hillary Clinton as our President, regardless of her capability or lack of capability and the plethora of her illegal and highly unethical activities going back 30 years.  This movement is so overwhelming that is has the stripes of a non-violent coup illegally seizing power from a government, via a fixed race and perhaps fixed election. Our Justice Department has been shredded, illegals are ushered in to this nation to vote per the Immigration Customs Enforcement Union, and women have been trashed upon speaking out about worse than locker room words of someone ten years ago.  We are talking rape.

The Brexit vote suffered the same type of overwhelming movement, but the Brits saw through the coordinated massive combined effort of the media, the British government leadership, and the world moneyed elite globalists to set Great Britain on a path to independence.

Now it is our turn to see through the smoke and mirrors set up to provide victory for a seriously flawed candidate, Hillary Clinton, and set this nation free from rule by the globalists who do not give one iota about the citizens of this nation.


2 thoughts on “Clinton is the Better Candidate?

  1. Just remember: The progressives, majority of Democrats and Globalists connected through the Council on Foreign Relations, through the Trilateral Commission to the Bildeberg Group are driven
    by the spirits of Greed,Deception, (the lying spirit), Anger, Aragence, Anti God, and others, thus the connection to the spiritual world and the reason that they act and respond to Conservatives as they do.
    Sadly, a large part of our Congress has been caught up in this (the RINOs) and supporting the rift in the Republican Party. Have faith People of America, if you stand together as One Nation Under God,
    you will prevail. Look at the path of Donald Trump with the people of America. That is no accident.


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