Clinton corruption and much more!


The corrupt practices of Hillary Clinton, including using the State Department as her position of leverage for “pay for play” have been documented by a mountain of obtained emails.  This is likely the reason Hillary Clinton did not want her emails made public and thus utilized her own unsecured email server.

Let’s simplify the definition of pay for play.  It means contribute to the Clinton Foundation or hire Hillary or Bill for speeches at astronomical fees and later expect to get favorable decisions by the Hillary Clinton State Department to further your wealth or power around the world.  Instances pf this are documented in the recovered emails.  Remember when Bill and Hillary rented out the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House for donations to the Clinton campaign?  Or when Hillary absconded with priceless artifacts as they left the White House at the end of Bill’s last term.  Corruption is thy name.

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Where do I start?  The emails indicate misuse of position and her corruption is so vast and widespread that I would need a book or books to explain it.  Fortunately, someone beat me to it.  Read the book or watch the movie Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer, a well-respected investigative journalist: check out the Clinton Cash website.

More recent pay to play from the New York Post.

Her public corruption guardian is the corrupt media. (Example)  Remember that 90% of media is owned by six corporations.  The billionaire cabal that has seized power in the interest of globalism or one world government has major interests in the media, thus as the New York Times put it “All the News that is Fit to Print” has now become “Only the News that We Deem Fit for You to See”.

It is clear from what we are allowed to observe, Hillary Clinton is having problems with brain fuzziness, seizures, and balance among other maladies; all neatly covered up by the media.  One thing that is suspect is the statement from her physician that Hillary Clinton is in excellent health – Statement of Clinton Health.  Naturally her actual medical records are non-public, but we can easily see that she is not in excellent health.  Remember the media’s history.  It covered up for Franklin Roosevelt; they hid from the public early on that he was in a wheel chair and suffered from polio.

Some websites are publishing that Hillary suffers from “Complex Partial Seizures, Subcortical Vascular Dementia”.   Want an explanation click here: Binswanger’s Disease Information Page . True?  I do not know, but the graying out spells during debates and speeches seem to lend credence to these maladies. “Complex Partial Seizures, Subcortical Vascular Dementia” is found at the “All News Pipeline”.  Yes, I have not heard of this publication before now.  Follow the link and read for yourself.

Just imagine if we elect a president that is suffering from worsening dementia and in control of and is directing the defense of this nation.  Yet, we are appalled at how Donald Trump speaks at times.  At lease we know that he still has all his faculties.


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