An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Donald trumpHillary Clinton 2

Mr. Trump, right now you are needed more than any other person on this planet.  You may not have signed up for the combined masses of globalists and their bought and paid for media and globalist politicians.  All rallied to shape the minds and opinions of a now critical mass of a know nothing populace focused on Pokémon and other less worthwhile pursuits.

Understand that the critical mass of voters who have not learned critical thinking or problem solving skills has reached proportions that may have a deleterious affect on the vote in November.  The media does not care that Hillary Clinton cannot tell you the time without lying about it.  She is the anointed one of the globalists in a socialist world, where the few control and use the masses.  I plan to vote for you not because you are a knight in shining armor, but rather you recognized this cancer some time ago.

You are a smart man, but you must become even smarter.  While you have intensely loyal supporters, the numbers are simply not enough.  When the polls show that you are as untrustworthy and dishonest as Hillary Clinton, you have a big problem.  There is no humanly possible way for you to defend against the establishment unleashed tidal wave of bad press – yes most of it is contrived, but know nothings do not critically think, nor problem solve and take the press/media – social and news – on face value.

Deploy your supporters in a general push back against the corrupt, establishment controlled, media.  You sir, stay on message and the message is how you will turn the economy around, follow the law of the land, fight terrorism, create good paying jobs, and specifically attend to the grand prize of this election – The United States Supreme Court.  Stop trying to play multiple drums – play one drum, with one drum beat.  Let your surrogates build up your honesty and trustworthy credentials with their own drums.

Mr. Trump, no matter how disheartening it may get, you must remember that you, right now, are the only hope to free this nation from the coup of our government by the globalist billionaires.

For all our collective sake, I wish you perseverance, focus, control, and that you become the point of the spear and not a bludgeon.  We the middle class are depending on you.


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