Is FBI Director Jim Comey an Eagle Scout in disguise?

Hillary Clinton 1James Comey

Are you Clinton Confused!  Puzzled by FBI Director James Comey’s actions on Hillary’s emails?

Well, either Comey is an eagle scout, or he is someone with a negative agenda.  It seemingly must be one or the other – right?

A friend of mine and an excellent researcher has reminded me that in Comey’s past he has had numerous dealings with both Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Some are:

 Clinton Whitewater Investigation:

“James Comey was a lead investigator during the Clinton ” Whitewater” investigation. After months of investigations, both Clintons were found innocent.”

Presidential Pardon Scandals:

President Bill Clinton was criticized for some of his pardons and acts of executive clemency.  Pardoning or commuting sentences is a power granted by the U.S. Constitution to all sitting United States Presidents.

While most presidents grant pardons throughout their terms, Clinton chose to make nearly a third of them on January 20, 2001, his last day in office. This came to be known as Pardongate.

Federal prosecutor and Democrat Mary Jo White was appointed to investigate the pardons. She was later replaced by Republican James Comey, who found no illegality on Clinton’s part.

 Again, does James Comey have an agenda, I don’t know.  The above history does not look good, so maybe he does.

However; let’s consider for a minute that he is an eagle scout.

Is it possible that James Comey concluded that Hillary Clinton’s email “gross negligence” (okay extreme carelessness), if referred for prosecution, would by choice of the Executive Branch languish in secret in the Justice Department?

Maybe he believes that all that was uncovered by the FBI would be too much information subsequently buried in court proceedings; so much so that the public would be blind and subject to the unbridled Clinton spin machine.

We, the public would not have an opportunity to see just what went on; to see the degree to which Hillary Clinton has lied and lied, and continues to lie.

  • Did Comey decide that the best venue for this case is in the court of public opinion?

  • Did he just do us all a big favor by providing full knowledge to the voter, before casting a ballot.

  • Did he choose to let us all see the extent of Clinton’s attempt to preclude her activities from the public.  Clearly this was a blatant attempt to hide her activities from the Freedom of Information Act.

Is he an exemplary eagle scout?  You be the judge.



2 thoughts on “Is FBI Director Jim Comey an Eagle Scout in disguise?

  1. Even if Comey is NOT an EAGLE scout, the impact or opportunity, if properly acted upon by the Republicans at all levels of government could bury the communistic tendencies of the democrats.


  2. Ken, look at the words that Comey used after his investigation of the Clintons after Whitwater in 1996, they sure sound similar to the ones he used this week.
    FBI Director James Comey had previously investigated Hillary on Whitewater in the 1990`s
    `Comey’s first brush with them came when Bill Clinton was president. Looking to get back into government after a stint in private practice, Comey signed on as deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee. In 1996, after months of work, Comey came to some damning conclusions: Hillary Clinton was personally involved in mishandling documents and had ordered others to block investigators as they pursued their case. Worse, her behavior fit into a pattern of concealment: she and her husband had tried to hide their roles in two other matters under investigation by law enforcement. Taken together, the interference by White House officials, which included destruction of documents, amounted to “far more than just aggressive lawyering or political naiveté,” Comey and his fellow investigators concluded. It constituted “a highly improper pattern of deliberate misconduct.”

    Comey is no scout Eagle or otherwise . Obama had him on his short list for Supreme Court last time. The only reason he did not get it was because Liberals objected . Now they owe him !


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