It is no longer liberal versus conservative.  It is now clearly “One World Government” open borders versus national sovereignty.  The North American Union [LINK] with the NAFTA superhighway or more appropriately called the Trans-Texas Corridor [LINK] supported by Republicans in Congress is the means to this end.  It is the loss of national sovereignty!

Throwing off the definition of a nation, national sovereignty, has been the hidden agenda of too many members of our Congress (republican and democrat); the Supreme Court (Ginsberg for one); and of course President Obama.  Hillary Clinton is without any doubt a “One World Government” supporter.

Can’t figure out why a Republican Congress does not act against an out of control Obama, or why “conservatives” in the Congress seem like compliant children?  Have you been puzzled by the actions of Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell?  Well color yourself bamboozled.  Be puzzled no more, they are ardent supporters of the loss of national sovereignty called globalism, materializing initially here as the North American Union, NAU, and the NAFTA superhighway.  The precursor to NAU was the formation of the European Union where loss of national sovereignty has taken hold and is currently chaffing many Europeans.  Of course, the Brits are doing something about this loss of national sovereignty with the Brexit [LINK] vote.

We have senators like John McCain and Lindsay Graham, liberals who wear out the war hawk suit, and thus are seemingly conservative.  They play a conservative every six years at reelection time; and serve their position on the gang of eight well with their support for the North American Union.  They are globalists who believe, as does Obama, in one world government.  For the United States, one world government starts with the North American Union and the UN’s Agenda 21 [LINK].

The puzzlement has dissipated recently thanks to Donald Trump.  Through Mr. Trump, we learned that a fair number of the 17 Republican presidential candidates were open borders supporters, especially Ted Cruz.  Cruz and his wife Heidi are ardent supporters of the North American Union, the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement [LINK], and alarmingly the Trans Promotion Authority [LINK] which would allow the executive branch to bypass Congress on all trade deals – accelerating the loss of sovereignty.  Cruz denied this, but he voted for it.  Heidi contributed to a report in the support of the NAU for the Council on Foreign Relations [LINK] .

Does this information answer the question of why so many Republicans are trying to derail Donald Trump; why they will not endorse and support Trump?

We Republicans have been duped and deceived by these faux conservative globalism supporters at the expense of national sovereignty for nearly twenty five years.  Now during this primary season, we must seek out the positions of the sitting Republicans running for reelection and develop a national sovereignty litmus test.  Thanks to Donald Trump a great many of these open borders people have been forced out of the closet, but more are still hiding.

Before anyone casts a primary vote, be sure to know whether the candidate wants you to lose your national sovereignty – your nation via unrestricted globalism, but has not been public about it.  Sending solid national sovereignty supporters to Congress will go a long way to putting this nation back on a sound immigration and trade track.


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