Now that Donald Trump has become the presumptive nominee, the foot soldiers of the moneyed establishment oligarchy or plutocracy, if you will, are beginning to show themselves, led by Speaker Paul Ryan.  We have heard that they wish to run a third candidate, a conservative.  We have heard from Mr. Ryan that Donald Trump must agree to the Republican principles.

Before going on, let’s look at what is at stake.

Our borders, our economy/trade, and Supreme Court nominees are all at risk.  The Supreme Court appointments could be four; could be six or seven during the next presidential term or second term.  This means the Supreme Court could be decidedly left destroying the Constitution, which is needed by the open borders people to complete the job, or the Court is decidedly right and strengthens the Constitution and the fabric of our nation, either for the next twenty years.

A third party bid here will only elect Hillary and give us a decidedly left court for the next twenty years.  These foot soldiers and their masters just seek self-aggrandizement at the expense of body of this nation.

I thought I would look up the principles of the Republican Party Mr. Ryan referred to, but they seem not to be found on the official GOP website.  The 2012 platform is there.  The issue of immigration is there but only to tell us it is broken and President Obama must lead.  Immigration has been broken all through the George W. Bush administration.

What principles?  Where are they?  Does Ryan make these up as he goes along?  A recent Breitbart article Paul Ryan Portrays Mass Immigration As GOP Principle is very revealing and it uncovers Ryan’s open borders penchant.  His openness to unfettered free trade, even if it hurts our economy is telling.

The litmus test has now revealed that a vast number of republicans and yes democrats are open borders people.  This is now an open or secure borders fight.  Opening our borders to all who wish to enter means continuing to undermine our nation’s basic economic and political structure and yes leads to the continued dissolution of our Constitution.  The fight is simple: no borders – no nation.  This open borders disease seems to have heavily spread through the Republican Party where it was well hidden, until the failure to seal the borders, failure to enforce overstayed visas, failure to control H1B visas, starting in the Bush administration, and the failure to actually fight the Obama administration’s full throttle open borders efforts.  Fellow Republicans, the enemy is within.

Our Secretary of State John Kerry in his commencement speech at Northwestern curiously said:

“…You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless world…”

He talked about Climate change as a threat and damned those deniers.  Folks, we are in a fight, a colossal fight, for our sovereignty.  These moneyed establishment types – oligarchy or plutocracy, under whatever name, extend beyond our borders, because to these folks boundaries mean nothing and the age old economics term applied to the interaction of nations “Comparative Advantage” is moot.  Simply put, they wish to run the world and they have bought and paid for key journalists and political leaders to do their bidding – the foot soldiers in the war to eliminate borders.

Don’t be surprised as this is even the stated direction and the intention of the famous Council on Foreign Relations.  Check out its membership (hint: Goldman Sachs is a member).

Donald Trump has poked the bear and the bear is delivering a fight with all its might.  The foot soldiers have been activated.  Recently “The Hill” published a list of what they believe to be 99 of the foot soldiers.  Of note Bob Dole is on this list and he has recently come out in support of Donald Trump.  Either the list is wrong or Dole has changed his mind.

Folks, either get behind Donald trump or lose the sovereignty of this nation.




One thought on “TRUMP: THE LITMUS TEST!!!

  1. I have a true statement from a friend who years ago gave Senator McCain an AZ border tour, just the 2 of them in his truck. McCain has been and is an open border closet advocate.


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