Trump Arizona Delegates Stolen?


Political one upmanship, fraud, or malfeasance!

Picture of an old voting machine.  Now we use electronic online voting subject to massive voter fraud.  Ask the Trump campaign or the delegates at the GOP Arizona State Convention.  I was one of them, a state delegate and a national delegate candidate, and this is an eyewitness account of the serious voting irregularities.



Ladies and gentlemen, we have been had by “electronic voting” for the Arizona GOP “At Large” national delegate candidates.

I verified that I was on the Trump “at large” slate before voting. I voted the one button “Trump” slate (this one button votes for all of the candidates listed on the Trump slate). My voting receipt of 56 names did not include my name.  I should have received at least my vote.

This happened to a half dozen others that I know of speaking to them first hand, including former Governor Jan Brewer who may not have even been placed on the electronic ballot.   Ballot placement is the responsibility of the Arizona GOP and not the Trump team.  The oddity is that the Trump slate (a one button elects all trump supporters) received the majority of one button slate votes, yet the Cruz delegates ended up in the majority.

Chairman Robert Graham told me about a proposed fix “we are moving a few names”.  He did not seem to care when I questioned his “fix” even after I had explained to him just what had occurred about the missing votes – a sign of an election gone awry.  Instead, he blew me off, so I told him I was then going to the media. He said go ahead. So I went to the Associated Press who was sitting 75′ away. He is quoted by CNN as calling any thought of party rigging “laughable”.  Robert, even though I told you about the missing votes you seem not concerned, so explain how these election numbers do not add up!

Something smells at the AZ GOP.


It was the “The Trump Slate” or was it?

This is the receipt of vote I received after voting on my smart phone the Trump slate for the “At Large” delegates to the national by using the Trump slate button.  If you, the reader, were on the Trump slate your name should be on this receipt.  If not, comment on this post, complain to the Trump Arizona organization, and the media, especially the Associated press, Phoenix office.

Trump slate receipt

I verified that I was on the slate before voting, but apparently not after voting. It shows that I received zero votes, not even my own vote, thus I did not register on my receipt.

Review this slate and tell me that this is the slate intended by the Trump organization.  This receipt has been sent to a Trump Arizona organization representative to be compared to the slate they approved for use in the electronic voting.  If it is not the slate they intended, then this is an electronic voting fiasco and votes were stolen.

Now for the numbers that don’t add up, Mr. Graham.  The Trump “one button slate” received 430 votes, per the online voting people (Simply Voting). I received 8 non slate votes and thus I should have ended up with 438 votes. I got 8.

The top vote getter was Mark Brnovich, Arizona Attorney General – not necessarily a Trump supporter, at 766. He supposedly was on all 4 slates – why?  Each of his slates received 430 (Trump slate), 409 (Cruz slate), 57 (Kasich slate), 29 (Unity – the AZ GOP slate) votes totaling 925.  According to the computer people, SimplyVoting, 187 delegates did not vote slates, but voted individual delegate candidates. If each slate vote was counted for each candidate then why did he receive 766. Should not his position on supposedly 4 slates getting a total of 925 votes mean that he gets all the votes to each slate, 925.

If this was the Trump slate that was submitted, then malfeasance for the Trump team. If this was not what the Trump slate submitted by the Trump people, then FRAUD and it points to the Arizona GOP.

When I pointed this debacle out in detail to Arizona Republican Committee Chairman – Robert Graham, immediately after the voting irregularity became apparent to me – minutes after voting ended, he told me that is was only a couple of people and it would be fixed.  I told him that another vote was needed, cancelling the first vote, after fixing the slates.  He told me no.  I pointed out that I would go to the media and he stated “Go to the media”.  I did, to the Associated Press whose re[porter was 75′ away.

I gave the AP reporter the entire story and with apparent disbelief he indicated he would follow it.  I have reviewed the AP reporting on this matter and it is neither accurate nor complete.

The Cruz people say Trump people have bad math, well I am good in math and nothing adds up.  The math does not foot, using an accounting term.  One Arizona Cruz leader said there is no constitutional right to a slate button – what???

This debacle of an important national delegate election needs to be addressed now by an independent group specializing in voter election fraud.

The PDF linked below is the comprehensive listing of the recipient of every vote cast in this questionable election, provided to me by SimplyVoting.  You do the math on these delegate voting results of the gop convention.

Now it is up to the Arizona GOP to either proclaim that they did certify the correct electronic delegate list was input or that the Arizona GOP committed FRAUD on the delegates, and the Republican voters who participated in the Presidential Preferential Election.  Graham calls any thought of party rigging “Laughable”.

To sum this up, either the Trump people allowed an incorrect slate to be input to the voting apparatus, or the correct slate was entered and the online voting was modified to indicate trhe correct Trump slate, but to deliver votes to other people.  The numbers sited earlier seem to lean this way.

What do you think – comment?  What does the Trump Arizona team think?


16 thoughts on “Trump Arizona Delegates Stolen?

  1. I was listed as a Trump/Unity delegate and was voted in as one of the four alternate delegates yet do not see my name on this list? Vera Anderson

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  2. I was on th afternoon ballot or slate . I saw my. Name and I voted for all of he people I knew. Then after a long was sent all but 3 names on Trumps slate of people ai knew remained. Arpaio was 1.


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  4. This appears to be a blatant case of elections fraud within the Arizona GOP.
    The information should be forwarded to the media nationally, to the Governor
    of Arizona and the Attorney General of Arizona for investigation. I see this as unlawful voting result manipulations by individuals within the Arizona GOP and as a resident of Arizona, I want to see legal investigative followup.


  5. Ken,

    My name is Thomas Finn and I was listed on the Trump slate. I received 421 votes. If the Trump slate was used 430 times, I am missing at least 9 votes not including those that added me elsewhere.

    My name is not on your list, your list ends with the letter Susan Ellsworth. Those that are after her name to Z aren’t on your list, thus why I am not on your list.

    The following are the 10 people that weren’t on your list but listed on the Trump Slate.

    Suzanne Davis
    Thomas Finn IV
    Thomas Nay
    Tim Horn
    Timothy Connel
    Tracy Ireland
    Travis Angry
    Victoria Connel
    Yvonne Cahill
    Vera Anderson

    Ken the reason you received 8 votes is you weren’t listed on the Trump slate per the voting list. Since a paper slate wasn’t passed out in the afternoon, I can’t personally verify if you were on the Trump slate or not.

    On the ballot provided by the AZ GOP there were 56 names listed for the slate. The only way to verify if the slate is accurate or not is to get a listing from the Trump campaign.

    You can contact me directly via my e-mail

    I agree something went awry. Either the AZ GOP doesn’t know how to separate how a voter voted or they manipulated the stats.

    Example if you chose to use the Trump Slate and then altered it by removing a name or two and adding in names to replace those you removed, then that should not have been counted as a Trump Slate used, it should have been part of the total used in making your own slate. Only those that used all 56 names listed as the Trump slate should count as using the Trump slate and the same for all other slates.

    Constance Steel’s comments indicate this, it appears she removed people’s names she didn’t know. That is part of the problem. If you don’t trust that the campaign listed people that are solidly behind Trump then why vote the slate? That’s a topic all in itself. I’ll stop with that here.

    The 10 people missing from your list have been identified, now the question is what do we do with this information?

    First thing is to get a list of the people that were submitted by the Trump campaign to be on the slate and verify with the list that the AZ GOP posted. Then we go from there.


  6. Elizabeth Shoemaker You are spot on! There is no valid reason they set this up for delegates to by chosen online, other than to enable the fraudulent outcome. Beyond fraud, this is also Computer Tampering under A.R.S. 13-2316 and should be dealt with in this way by Sheriff Joe Arpaio himself. It can be proven easily by forcing another vote by paper ballot and paper tabulation. This must be done! Think about it, if the party leadership is resistant to the idea of a paper ballot, THEY CAN BE PRESUMED GUILTY! Somebody please get me an audience with Jeff Dewit and Joe Arpaio. Mr Trump MUST BE MADE AWARE OF THE ENTIRE SCENARIO I HAVE DOCUMENTED ON “THE MATRIX OF FRAUDS”.

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  7. Jan Brewer was not a choice on the Trump slate… my brother and I were the first to recognize it and brought it to the attention of DeWit…that is when he went ballistic… they would have known if my brother and I hadn’t spoken up!


  8. One woman told me she changed the checks next to the name and when she went to end the transaction it removed her checks and went back to the original. She tried 4 times and it reversed her checks every time. Now you see how electronic fraud is possible.


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