Our Republic’s Kabuki Dance – Hides A Moneyed Contributor Oligarchy!

Kabuki Dance

Sometime between the mid-twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century we have had a coup of our nation. The election primary process has now been clearly corrupted.  Remember, it was established to eliminate corrupt backroom deals.

With a primary process spoon-feeding the unsuspecting electorate “chosen” candidates – and it does not matter which party is involved, these moneyed contributors have no concern about unemployment or under employment, poor trade, or who is in office from the President through Congress as well in some state legislatures.

These moneyed contributors seek financial benefit and power via the dollar, federal, and international decisions. They are generally one world government people, open borders people, and they are only concerned about the continuation of their gravy train, regardless of party.  Face it, the serf system is back and we are the serfs.

When Donald Trump articulated, not in these words, that this oligarchy moneyed contributor status must change and then pulled the cover off our camouflaged shadow government, the moneyed contributors rose up. They unleashed incredible power against him, and to some extent Bernie Sanders, further revealing themselves as the powerful oligarchy shadow government.  Their power includes their control over the states’ party apparatus, the media, and the flow of big donation money.  Control of the states’ party apparatus means they control the choice of candidates for both sides, so the outcome is moot.

Our democratic republic is nothing more than a Kabuki Dance to keep our attention away from the oligarchy and the shadow government.  This author follows politics very closely and I am amazed at just how titanic and draconian this situation is.

It appears that we can now see that our democratic republic is no more, there has been a coup, but now the coup is in the open. The real question is how we dethrone these oligarchy control despots?


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