National Popular Vote Compact: The Ultimate Trojan Horse!

This National Popular Vote Compact is a proposed state legislative work around to what has been considered a Constitution mandated Electoral College “problem” for republicans.  In reality it is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” – pardon the time worn cliché, but it fits.  It effectively bypasses the Electoral College found in Article II, Section 1 of our Constitution, without need of the difficult and drawn out amendment ratification process. It paves the way for the swelling of the popular vote by some states to determine the presidential election.


Here are the wolves!  This National Popular Vote (NPV) effort driven by Barry Fadem and John Koza is emanating from California and is being sold to republican legislatures as a fix to the current Electoral College’s narrow path to the presidency for republican candidates.  Well this plan actually emanates from the home of far left liberals, San Francisco, and is driven by two far left individuals, Fadem and Koza, who have contributed handsomely to democrat elected officials and democrat controlled packs. 

Check this out, just click on the names, Barry Fadem  and John Koza have Federal Election Commission track records of contribution to the far left.  Koza appears to be a world class left of liberal contributor.  Koza even gave money to the Republican Arizona Speaker of the House’s congressional campaign who was a co-sponsor of the NPV legislation.  Maybe the Speaker did not know about Koza’s history.

They have successfully sold this “plan” to a number of republican state legislators including my home state Arizona by holding well crafted seminars to help the republican legislators find ways to have their state become more relevant in the next election.  This would be by their passing legislation supporting the “NPV Compact” to voluntarily give their state’s electoral vote to the winner of the national popular vote, rather than the winner of their state’s popular vote winner.  These, questionably astute, republican state legislatures have bought a “bill of goods” from what could be considered by some to be well organized liberal left snake oil salesmen.

TELL ME! WHY WOULD LIBERALS WANT TO HELP OUT THE CURRENT BATCH OF RED  STATES GET REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS ELECTED?  Yet our republican legislators have apparently never asked this question.

Arizona: On February 4, 2016, the Arizona House of Representatives passed the National Popular Vote bill, with two-thirds of the members voting in favor of the legislation. The vote was 40 Yes, 16 No, and 4 absences or abstentions. The Arizona House is the third Republican-controlled state legislative chamber to pass the bill (the Oklahoma Senate and New York Senate being the other two).

The other shoe drops!

This story is not over since their is another effort consisting of a “non-citizen voter registration lawsuit” in federal court in conjunction with NPV against the Election Assistance Commission (EAC).  The connection is only dotted lines right now, but both have timing that make these moves look coordinated.  Why dotted lines?  The liberal left is driving this at the same time as NPV.  One will use popular vote and not electoral vote and to compliment this the other is designed to greatly swell the popular vote by allowing today’s liberal non-citizens in a few heavily liberal states to vote for president.

With a load of non-citizens (resident aliens, visa holders, and illegal aliens) these states will have way more power in the next election than their electoral votes allow.  They swell the popular vote and presto we have A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT.

The lawsuit has been brought by the NAACP and the League of Women Voters, both screaming leftist organizations – not even close to being balanced.  The Justice Department, by law, is to defend the EAC, but has sided with the plaintiffs and is not attempting to defend the EAC.  The issue is simple, allow anyone to vote and do not restrict voting to just citizens.The Heritage Foundation has an article on this that may provide more information on the court battle: Does the Justice Department Want to Enable Noncitizen Voting?

Let’s face it, this country is under a coordinated attack by the left to permanently squelch conservative voices and they are far better at this game than sleepy eyed conservatives, thus the need to sound this alarm.


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