EMERGENCY! “ALL” Hands on Deck!

You are on the Titanic Ship of State (a ship built by progressives) and you have hit an iceberg, do you immediately look to the person who is the seamen recruit you admire; the Captain whose skill sets do not include issuing life preservers and launching life boats; or do you look to the person who knows where the life preservers are and how to launch the life boats?  Trump’s skills make him the boat launcher.  He is the person you need under these stormy and treacherous circumstances.


Ship of State: Foundering


Read my blog posts and you will see, that I am a constitutional conservative.  Does Cruz interest me?  Yes, but he has no experience other than legal.  Does Rubio interest me?  No, because all he brings to the table is a history as a politician; and apparently he is controlled by the money interests.

Cruz brings to the table a history of litigation and defending the Constitution, and I like that.  Will that help us on the foundering Titanic?  No.  Instead, we need the guy with the knowhow for the life preservers and the life boats – translation:

  • not beholden to the special interests,
  • fully understands economics and how to create good jobs,
  • understands what the illegal immigration crisis is doing to this nation,
  • can be tough with our enemies and detractors,
  • will be trusted and believed by our friends and former friends,
  • can negotiate and win in a negotiation,

Remember Cruz will have to negotiate with 535 members of Congress to get anything passed.  With his go it alone track record can he do this?  I don’t think so.

Make no mistake, Trump is the not a constitutional conservative, but he is no enemy of the Constitution.  Right now, we need a life preserver and a life boat.  I will worry about the finer points of the Constitution after I am saved.  If we are not pulled from the icy ocean, then the Constitution has gone down with the ship and its importance to the nation has been lost.

Rubio is the elites/establishment clone of Obama based on political experience, but with a bit more minor league experience – Rubio’s state government history.  Both just arrived, took the oath in the Senate and said, “Presidency, here I come”.  We’ve been there and done that.  How did that turn out?

After Trump, with his special skills, saves us from the icy deep and we get to shore and set sail on the revived ship of state, then we can engage a constitutional conservative to steer the ship after Trump.

In simpler terms: “You are on a foundering ship build by progressives – “who you gonna call?”

Updated February 28, 2016: We have just learned that Mr. Rubio was in cahoots with the Democratic leadership of the Senate and Fox News (no longer Fair and Balanced) to sell us on the providing of amnesty to the illegal immigrants helping to destroy our economy.  No wonder Fox News is in an all out war with Trump with just about every anchor and pundit tearing Trump down at every turn. 




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