You’ll be a SUBJECT of the federal government! Ready?

Don’t know who this guy is?  Too bad, you should know, but you’re not alone.

He is the reason you’ll be a SUBJECT of the federal government, in two years.


Few know that the recent death of this man marks the end of the Constitutional Republic called the United States of America.  Unfortunately, only a third of you polled can name even one supreme Court Justice – shame on you.  What is worse is that only 1% of you can name all nine, now eight, justices.  I can, but I am strange.  1%, are you kidding me?

Why is this important?  Why was he important to you?  Justice Scalia was the one man, on tough constitutional issues, who kept most of the thinking justices on the supreme Court true to the constitution.  You likely do not know, I surmise from the polling, that there are four ideological robotic, whatever the progressives want, non-thinking justices on the Court.

Justice Scalia was a brilliant constitutional scholar who understood the intent of the founders and the true meaning of each clause.  If he had lived in the late eighteenth century he likely could have been a founder of this nation.  Antonin Scalia always remained true to the design and structure of the document and did not deviate from it to meet ideological needs mandated by current popular opinion, the left’s socialism and the need of the progressive movement to eradicate the tenets of the original document.  The progressives have been working on this for over 100 years.

Now that he is gone and we have a lame duck President who will appoint a non-thinking, ideological, justice replacement.  The Court will be 5 to 4 in favor of the progressives and the expedient eradication of the original tenets of the document.  In many ways Justice Scalia was the most important modern person supporting the longest standing Federal Republic in the history of this planet.  I say Federal Republic, because that is what our Constitution called for – a Republic that represented freedom, the rule of law, and opportunity!

The next appointed justice will pass the Senate Republicans’ muster, because they have demonstrated that they have no backbone and probably are not concerned with just how far we lurch toward progressive socialism with the accompanying loss of the basic freedoms promised and guaranteed by the document, as long as they get their due. The loss will be based on new “enlightened ideological” definitions of just about everything found in the Constitution given forth by the new non-thinking majority.

Of course, the Senate just might hold out (doubt it!) and not provide the Constitutionally mandated advise and consent to seat the new justice  until after the inauguration, thus allowing the new possibly Republican President to appointment a Scalia like new justice.   However, no matter how well the Republicans play that delay game, at some point this Congress will have to adjourn and gavel in the new Congress elected in November, allow our lame duck President to jump in to this mandated recess of the Senate, no matter how short it is, and appoint a new non-thinking, ideology driven successor.

No matter how this plays out, a supreme Court voting 5 to 4 in favor of an anti-constitution ideology, on just about all matters before the Court, will arrive with decisions up to two years hence.  We can and will then kiss the Constitution as we know it goodbye.  The Bill of Rights will be shredded, the power of the Presidency enhanced, the power of the Congress severely diminished, but based on their recent actions or non-actions, we may not notice the formalization of the loss in their power.

(supreme is lowercase just as in the Constitution)




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