like shooting fish in a barrel!

Merchants, entertainment venues, and similar telling you to leave your guns “at the door” (home, car, locker, etc.).  These people feel like they are making themselves safer.  In reality, they are merely turning themselves and everyone in their establishments into the proverbial fish in a barrel.  Can we get anymore idiotic?

I have a better idea.  How about we pass laws that require whatever establishment creates a gun free zone, which forces us to leave our firearm(s) “at the door”, to become legally and fiscally responsible for our well-being and safety – care, burial, kids college fund, etc., while we are in their zone?

The incidence of mass shootings is down dramatically across this nation, everywhere BUT – wait for it – in gun free zones.  This point was recently made by Breitbart.

Mother Jones, an internet news blog,  was mentioned in that Breitbart article.  Mother Jones tried to manipulate the research in their favor to show that the rate of mass shootings are up.  However, if you take a closer look at the chart, that they happily reference, you can see that the rate of mass shootings are up…in gun free zones, bringing an increase to the rate all mass shootings.  Again, like shooting fish in a barrel!

When will the liberals learn?

Or, for those idiots who feel safer with their “Gun Free Zone” signs, I can put what I’m saying into a format easier for them to understand.

Fish in a barrel!
Blog author comment: What in hell are these gun control freaks thinking? The only people who will not obey the sign are those intent on doing harm with a firearm.  Signs don’t stop shootings – the threat of force against the evil shooter does!


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