The Loss of our Republic – Read How It Is Supposed To Be!

Some time ago I wrote a booklet about why our Constitution is in need of being put back on track with a Constitutional Article V convention.

Over the last 226 years, forces of big government out of the federal government’s three branches, along with the complicit media, have made some debilitating changes to our governance:

  • by amendment
  • by unchecked politically driven Supreme Court decision
  • by abdication of Congress of its constitutional authority; ameliorating the horizontal nature of the structure of our Constitution and the vertical structure of the balance between the federal government and the States.

The horizontal balance of the Constitution is the separate but equal checks and balances as they apply to the executive, congressional, and supreme court branches.

The lesser known vertical balance between the federal government and the States, was a critical element of the Constitution and the governance of our Republic.  Remember, the federal government was created by the States to provide for the common needs of the States.  Literally the states were the Board of Directors with key elements of control over the limited federal government.

Over time, the people, us, took away the principle power of the States with the Seventeenth Amendment.  We can’t be blamed for any doings here because we were ill informed and the ratification was done under questionable circumstances, but it did happen.  Before the Seventeenth Amendment, the states’ legislatures sent the Senators to the Senate to do their bidding and to rein in the three branches of the federal government – thus the vertical balance.

However, many more events and decisions in the last 226 years have occurred that have eroded the power of the states, until most people today do not realize that the states are not subordinate to the federal government, and that the federal government has limited authority granted to it under the Constitution by the States, with all power not granted to the federal government, reserved for the States and the people – the Tenth Amendment.

To learn more and see just how lopsided this nation has become moving away from a republic form of governance, with the states as sovereign. This booklet becomes an important read.  We have allowed an establishment, power based, statist federal government, known as statism, to corrupt the intent of the Constitution.

The booklet as described above is called Why Article V?  It is not a short blog but rather an in depth review of how the original intention of the Constitution has been short circuited.

It is informative, a quick read, and presents a number of reasons why an Article V convention has become vital.  The Compact For America, proposed Balanced Budget Amendment is a great start to put this nation back on track.

The booklet can be found at Why Article V?



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