CNN – The Clown News Network

Last night we witnessed what is another problem with this nation.  A media, CNN, with callous disregard for the myriad of problems facing this nation hosting what they turned into a reality show.  They intentionally sought verbal fisticuffs rather than substantive answers.

It is the media of this nation that has gravely contributed to the demise of this country with its salacious, insensitive, and non-factual handling of the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” and “Black Lives Matter” movements, among many other issues.

It is the media in search of ratings showing a wanton disregard of the needs of the nation and using debates for ratings and income.  Whether it be the foolish questions from the Fox debate team or the CNN in your face operation, turning the debate for the presidency into an in your face reality show design to pick fights and grow ratings.  Jeff Zucker of CNN thought this was a good debate.  He must have been watching some other debate, unless this is exactly what he wanted.  Perhaps he could have had all the candidates arrive in one clown car.

This was the sum of the debate.

This was the sum of the debate.

Donald Trump was the primary target of the vitriol, and he showed that while he has the skill set and tough enough persona to take on the gargantuan problems facing this nation, that he does not take these debates and the run for the presidency serious enough to actually be somewhat prepared.  His “I’ll make it great” runs out of steam without even a modicum of substance.

Carly Fiorina came prepared, but perhaps a bit too prepared with facts not needed at this time.  She tried to break through and certainly was better than half the people on that stage.

Ben Carson was lost in the melee called a debate and is apparently not well suited for a clown circus offered by CNN.

The other debaters mostly currently in office or having held office just did not shine, perhaps due to the time afforded to Donald Trump, which he apparently did not want – he was tired and appeared bored.

It is time for the GOP to run their own, commercial free debates, using unknown but competent moderators and providing good rules and policing of those rules, or we will never learn anything about these candidates.

We need to learn something, not be entertained.



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