The Professional Political Class

Want to know why we have a poor economy, 100,000,000 jobless and recipients on all types of government assistance, incredible overreach of the states by Washington, D.C., and a failing foreign policy with military development and purchases controlled by the industrial military complex?

We have a marriage or at least a new age marriage of big corporate business, big unions, their lobbyists, and our political leaders.  We have professional politicians who fundraise, participating in  reciprocal favors, and whose sole focus is to get reelected and retain power.  This is the “Professional Political Class”, the PPC!

Are we following the blueprint for a successful nation handed down to us as our Constitution by our founders.  Remember, this was their second attempt, the Articles of Confederation failed.  For nearly one hundred seventy five years the blueprint worked.  Then the PPC began to emerge in mass.

We have or had senators who have held their seats for thirty to forty years, even fifty years.  We have or had congressmen who have held their seats for thirty, forty, and yes one for over 50 years.   Republicans have seventy-four congressmen who have held their seat continuously for over ten years; Democrats have eighty-nine over ten years.  Many would have held their seat longer but moved to the senate.  In the senate, twenty senators, one fifth, are serving more than three terms at, more than eighteen years and six are serving thirty or more years.  Powerful committee chair positions are usually doled out by seniority.  Power accretes more power.

This PPC makes working arrangements and promises with the big corporate businesses, the big unions, and their lobbyists for campaign money either directly through campaign contributions or contributions to PAC’s favorable to these candidates.  These arrangements erode the protections of the Constitution and literally ignore the people.  Congressmen and senators are bought and sold, but not by the people they serve.

What makes it dangerous to have a PPC is that each year in office they build power and bankrolled campaign funds, making it more likely that they get reelected.  We can stop this PPC with one amendment and return to the blueprint.  With a Constitutional amendment restricting contributions for congressional and senate candidates to emanate only from registered voters residing in their respective districts for a congressional campaign and in their states for senatorial campaigns.  No contributions from business, lobbyists, unions, nonvoters.  Campaign contribution limits for these individuals/registered voters should be lowered and tied to a percentage of the average reported gross earnings on the state income tax form.

Take the money and power out of the equation and we return to citizen legislators – the blueprint.  Can we expect our current congressmen and senators to propose such an amendment,  NO WAY.  We need to use Article V of the Constitution and have the states propose the amendment.



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