Is Social Justice a good thing? Our Executive Branch Thinks so! Just what is it? calls it a noun: that it is the distribution of advantages and disadvantages within a society.  Sounds really great, doesn’t it.  In social justice, the down trodden are cared for, the 1% pay the bills, everyone not only has an equal opportunity, but also an equal outcome. On the surface this is great – nirvana!

Let’s think about this for a minute.  Did you happen to catch a recent baseball game or football game?  Who won, but wait, under Social Justice it does not matter – equal outcome.  Unions have practiced social justice for years – everyone gets the same raise and no one need excel.  The teacher’s unions have standards that all union members are treated the same, despite performance and results in teaching our children.  Teachers need not excel and bad teachers need not strive to be better to achieve gain – do our children pay the price for this – where is their equal outcome of learning?  Of course some teachers excel because they want the students to gain, but this is no longer required.

Were all the great inventions invented by people who fully intended to equally share all the gain achieved by their hard work, but then if this was the case, would anyone strive to succeed and achieve above the others?  There would be no incentive to excel.  Communism and a good part of socialism, even that ism of the Middle East are based on social justice – just look at the thriving economies of those communist, heavily socialist, and that ism of the Middle EAST countries.  Keep looking we may find one of those successful countries’ economies yet.

Social Justice simply means that half the population strive and the other half can coast.  Which are you?  Working toward equal opportunity is vital to the human race, and since humans are not all configured to be great at everything all humans do not exceed at everything.  Will an athlete succeed in biochemistry or will a decorated police officer succeed at operating heavy equipment?  There are reasons why humans do not all excel at everything: they are tall, short, fat, thin, farsighted, nearsighted, normal sighted, attractive, unattractive, high IQ’d and low IQ’d, and hard workers and non-so hard workers.

Yet practitioners of Social Justice want the outcome to be as equal as the opportunity.  The nature of the human race belies this equality of outcome, yet this is ignored in the interest of equal distribution of resources, despite the output and effort necessary to achieve a level of success.

You full throated practitioners of Social Justice may not care that your surgeon is the product of an equal outcome delivered by Social Justice.   I on the other hand hope that my surgeon is a product of hard word, capability, and achievement.  Just what are these practitioners of Social Justice thinking?  Yes equal opportunity, but equal outcome?


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